2020 Grant Awards

Community Grants Program 2020

The Community Grants Committee recommended the following organizations receive grant funding for the fiscal year 2020. 

Nash County EMS Community Paramedic Program - $100,000

The Community Paramedic Program along with the many partnerships that have been built aims to fill gaps in the ever changing health care system. Our goal is to impact patients who are at high risk for readmission, frequent EMS and emergency department utilizers and patients who frequently use the 911 system or ED. There was no program available to assist these patients with care management to prevent the cycle of over utilizing emergency services for non- emergent reasons.

Nash Community College (NCC) Professional Health Care Career Education - $57,000

Funds support the Health Sciences Program and will supplement funding for technology equipment and software upgrades to support extensive e-rources including interactive teaching strategies, simulated testing, classroom, lab and simulation equipment.  


Area L AHEC Building Capacity for Greater Health: Trauma-Informed, Resiliency-Focused- $41,000

The project aims to increase knowledge and awareness of trauma.  Trauma impacts the brain and body, and manifests over time.  Building Capacity for Greater Health offers strategies for building resilience, coping and healing. 


Edgecombe County Health Department Community Health Worker Program- $40,000

The goal of the program is to decrease the number of individuals at risk for heart disease. It is designed to increase awareness and knowledge of heart health by providing twelve heart health education sessions to those who are recommended by their primary care providers.  

Down East Partnership for Children Food For Thought $20,000

Food For Thought works in collaboration with Edgecombe and Nash County public schools to provide educational support over the summer and provide nutritional meals for food insecure children. 

Boys and Girls Club Triple Play Plus Program- $15,000

Triple Play Plus is a health and wellness initiative that challenges youth to become health and active by learning new ways to manage stress, maintain healthy fitness levels and form positive relationships with peers.  

Rocky Mount Family YMCA Enhance Fitness Program- $14,784

Enhance Fitness is the YMCA's low-cost program developed specifically for older adults and tailored for those with arthritis.  These sessions offer low impact cardio, dynamic/static balance work, strength training and stretching.  The YMCA will provide this program to the residents of Covenant Homes.  


Foundation Builders Academy Outdoor Learning Environment- $10,000

The Outdoor Learning Environment is a space where children can explore and learn about nature in an outdoor setting.  With this grant, enhancements will include play equipment, a dedicated area for sensory play, landscaping, and spaces for education and community building.   


Total Allocated:    $347,784