Grant Application Guidelines

Grant Application Requirements

Grant applications will include detailed plans with clearly outlined goals and ways to measure progress. They will also address one or more of the following grant focus areas:

  • The promotion of community health within the service area.
  • Health and Medical programs that will support the uninsured or underinsured individuals within the hospital service area.
  • Educational programs that support professional health care careers.

In additional to the above requirements, organizations should successfully demonstrate the following criteria:

Financial viability — The applicant organization is financially stable, possessing a greater likelihood of long-term sustainability. Please remember to submit your most recent organizational budget and your program/project budget.
Board/Leadership stability — The organization’s board and/or leadership represents the community and has a track record of success.
Sustainability — The organization requesting funds can maintain sustainable operation beyond the scope of the requested funding.
Collaboration/Partnership — The organization is collaborating and building on strong community partnerships in order to strengthen the program and avoid duplication within the community.
Outcome measurements — The program/project should have outcome goals and specific measurements in place to evaluate success and results.

The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is required by the Affordable Care Act every three years. Nash UNC Health Care participated in the Eastern Regional Community Health Needs Assessment for 2019. Health ENC is comprised of 33 counties in Eastern NC.  As part of the selection process we will focus on these three items selected based on ability to impact and relevance to hospital capabilities.


1.     Respiratory Disease

2.     Heart Failure/Stroke

3.     Diabetes/Exercise/ Nutrition/ Weight Loss/Wellness

Grant Cycle Dates: 

  • The grant cycle for 2021 funds has been postponed.  Please check back at a later date for updates. 

If you have questions about the application process please contact Kathleen Fleming, Foundation Director at or 252-962-8583. 


If you are interested in receiving sponsorship funds for special events please contact Dorsey Tobias, Director, Marketing and Communications at Nash UNC Health Care at or 252-962-8900.