Women's Center


Women’s Center Funds have supported the following:

• Allocated $63,000 to purchase Nano bassinets

• Disbursed $4,358 for Perinatal Education Resources

During turbulent financial times for health care systems in our area, statewide, regionally, and nationally, community hospitals are making the tough decisions to expand or contract patient services in order to keep the hospital viable. In 2013, the obstetrical patient payer mix showed 62% were on Medicaid. Medicaid patients are at greater risk for health and social problems associated with low-income families. As Nash Health Care System faces a challenging financial year due to the full impact of the Affordable Care Act, our leaders still see the need in our community to invest in the construction of a new $25 million dollar Women’s Center.  This facility and equipment upgrade makes us a “showplace” for obstetrical and women’s services. 

  • 4 Triage/Consult Rooms
  • 6 Labor/Delivery/Recovery Rooms
  • 1 C-Section Room
  • 16 Postpartum (Mother/Baby) Rooms
  • 12 private Special Care Nursery Rooms
  • 47,048 sq. ft. new construction
  • 4,008 sq. ft. mechanical
  • Two Floors:
  • 1st Floor-Education, sleep rooms, Triage/Consult, LDRs and C-Section Room
  • 2nd Floor-Mother/Baby and Special Care Nursery
  • Construction period – 16 months